Marketing & Communication

So Drama!  Entertainment aims to help you design a 360 integrated marketing campiagn that delivers impactful results, by closing the gap between great strategy and great execution. Who says you can't have both?

#SGUnited Campaign
The #SGUnited campaign was created to encourage Singaporeans to be united in this fight against Covid-19. Given that Singaporeans are digital natives, we needed to create a campaign that was online, entertaining and could stimulate positive action together. Music has always been the glue that brought people from all walks of life together, hence leveraging our strengths in music and dance, we created a series of relevant video content and developed online social challenges (TikTok) to instill positivity, community-spiritedness and unity.
International Men’s Day
Issues relating to men, particularly men’s physical and mental health, are not as widely discussed as compared to issues surrounding women. POWER 98 LOVE SONGS saw the opportunity to bring greater awareness to these topics on men’s well-being and spread the message of positive masculinity with a slew of content on various traditional and digital channels.
POWER 98 LOVE SONGS Rebranding
Leveraging the DJs’ influence on listeners, we created a video series of them sharing all topics related to love, while promoting the newly rebranded station as the only English radio station in Singapore to play love songs, 24/7. In addition, outdoor and online ads were placed at high-reach platforms to target new audiences, and on-site activations gave DJs the opportunity to build brand affinity with listeners.