Music & Dance

Let our in-house team of music wizards help you hit the right note! Our team of musicians, music producers, performers and choreographers from the Music & Drama Company (MDC) come with an impressive track record of original compositions, choreography and artistic performances to contribute to the success of any campaign.

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Hold On, Stay Strong MV
An original MDC composition and performance, this song pays tribute to our frontline workers and sends hope to all as we continue to battle COVID-19.  So hold on and hang in there.  We’ll get through this, together.
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Diversity through Rhythms
Produced to commemorate National Drumming Day, this original piece brings together diverse cultures and the exciting vibes of different Southeast Asian communities through the sounds of their instruments.
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Staying Connected through Dance
Choreographed and filmed during Circuit Breaker, our “stuck at home” MDC artistes were determined to stay connected despite being apart, through this upbeat and energetic piece!
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National Day Songs Medley
What better way to celebrate our nation’s 54th birthday than with a heartfelt tribute by MDC artistes and notable alumni such as Jeremy Monteiro, Violet Oon and Chan Yoong-Han! Can you name the three iconic National Day songs featured here?